Geelong Group

Welcome to the Geelong ABC Friends group.

In our group we have some members who are able to be very active, attending meetings and group activities while others limit what they can and wish to do. We quite understand that and value every member’s contribution.

Here is a list of the Geelong group’s typical activities.

  • Monthly planning meetings on the second Tuesday of the month 1.30pm at South Barwon Community Centre, 33 Mount Pleasant Road, Belmont. After the meeting we go to a local cafe for coffee and chat. Minutes and agendas are circulated each month.
  • Film nights are run periodically, for the pleasure of socializing, but also as a fundraiser and profile raiser.
  • A letter writing campaign is under way, addressing politicians of both sides about the need for increased funding for the ABC. There are resource materials available for the letter writing campaign.
  • A weekly press commentary is put together by one of our members, which is distributed by email. Some members request not to receive this as the amount of information is too great.
  • Community activities are held most months, often stalls at markets or festivals.

A speaker and meal event is held annually.  Previous years the speakers were Julian Burnside and Jon Faine. We have plans for a diner with Barrie Cassidy as speaker later in 2020.

In the run up to Federal elections we are more active including handing out information in the community, speaking with politicians, and we put up posters and banners in the street.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future at the ABC Friends Geelong group.

Jenny Lloyd
secretary  ABCFG








May 2020