Join your local group

ABC Friends has local groups across the state.

The groups have default catchment areas but any member can join the group where they feel they will be most effective. Please see here for the list of catchments.

You can contact a local group directly using the form at the bottom of the page, or email the office or call us on 1300 108 126.

You must be a current member of ABC Friends (Vic) to be an active member of a local group. Please join here.

  • Southern Bayside  Contact: Ivor
  • Geelong area  Contact: Martin  more information
  • Ballarat  Contact: Maureen
  • Bendigo  Contact: Nancy
  • Northern Melbourne  Contact: Margaret  more information
  • Inner Melbourne  Contact: no current co-ordinator but still meeting
  • Castlemaine  Contact: Geoff
  • Eastern Melbourne  Contact: Neil
  • Boroondara  Contact: Gael
  • Western Melbourne  Contact: Anne-Maree
  • Latrobe  Contact: Peter
  • Anywhere else/not sure  Contact: Marcus

Contact your local group

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