Please download the Tasmanian membership form here.

ABC Friends Tasmania Inc. operates independently while, under the umbrella of ABC Friends National Inc., working with Friends organisations from every Australian state and territory on national strategies and campaigns to maintain the independence and integrity of the ABC.

ABC Friends organisations are politically unaligned. We work for the best interests of independent and comprehensive national public broadcasting.


ABC Friends is a community organisation which depends on the support of its members.

ABC Friends engages in a range of activities. These include informing the public and the media, presenting submissions to government reviews and inquiries, communicating with Members of Parliament, addressing public meetings, conducting rallies and publishing a magazine for members (UPDATE) three times a year.

In Tasmania

Local groups meet in Hobart and Launceston and work together to ensure a regular local presence for ABC Friends, including running market stalls and public forums.

Members Receive

  • Information on events and policies
  • Optional weekly email with links to relevant news articles
  • UPDATE magazine 3 times a year (to reduce postage costs, we encourage members to receive this by email)


Membership is offered on an individual (concession rate available), household or organisational basis and can be taken up for one or three year periods.

Please download the Tasmanian membership form here.

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