South Australia & Northern Territory

We began in 1976 when the first cuts to the ABC took place. Today, we are a group of concerned people who want to make sure the ABC remains a viable, independent organisation and a quality, national public broadcaster.

Our aims?

  • to defend, promote and work with the ABC in support of its vital role as Australia’s only independent national broadcaster
  • to oppose all efforts to censor the ABC
  • to oppose all efforts to introduce advertising and corporate sponsorship into the ABC
  • to remind all political parties and the people of Australia of the need for adequate government funding for the ABC
  • to ensure that the ABC’s crucial role in providing services to rural and remote Australia is recognised and supported

To achieve our aims we:

  • make submissions to government
  • lobby individual members of parliament
  • provide informed comment about the ABC to the media
  • talk with the ABC Managing Director and Chairman of the Board
  • speak to community groups
  • organise activities in support of the ABC
  • provide opportunities to socialise with like-minded people
  • encourage members to make their views about the ABC known to their Federal member of Parliament

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