The ABC is under threat. We need to let our government know that the Australian community trusts, values and relies on a well funded ABC. Please let Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communications, know that you expect the ABC to be sufficiently resourced to deliver on its charter.

Add your details to the email below and submit. You can send the email as it is, or write your own message.

You can also contact the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg on this form and the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison on this form.

We need to let all politicians know that sustainable funding for the ABC is important to us.

So please write to and/or call your local member and the Victorian Senators. Details of all Victorian Senators are below. You can find your local member’s details here.

All parliamentarians are busy so keep your correspondence short, sharp and simple.

Some things you could include are:

  • how you trust the ABC
  • how you rely on the ABC for information/entertainment/children’s programs/etc
  • that you understand that an independent broadcaster is essential for a functioning democracy
  • that funding cuts are decimating the ABC
  • that funding must be restored

Please pass this on to your friends and contacts so we can spread the word.

Write to Paul Fletcher

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Victorian Senators

August 2020

Title Surname First name Party Phone email address
Senator the Hon Carr Kim ALP (03) 9639 2798
Senator Ciccone Raffaele ALP (03) 9890 7022
Senator the Hon Henderson Sarah LP (03) 5221 5900
Senator the Hon Hume Jane LP (03) 9428 1773
Senator Kitching Kimberley ALP (03) 9374 1640
Senator the Hon McKenzie Bridget NATS 1300 889 103 /
(02) 6024 2560
Senator Paterson James LP (03) 9690 2201
Senator Rice Janet AG 1300 784 377 /
(03) 9381 1446
Senator the Hon Ryan Scott LP (03) 9326 1088
Senator Thorpe Lidia AG 1300 883 502 /
(03) 9232 8140
Senator Van David LP (03) 9660 6660
Senator Walsh Jess ALP (03) 9232 8860