Why do we fight for the ABC?

  • Australia needs an effective, independent ABC able to keep Australians educated and informed – particularly in times of crisis.
  • The ABC is Australia’s most trusted, admired and valued national institution.
  • But it has to be adequately and reliably funded – without any political interference in its budget allocations.

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ABC Friends Victoria

ABC Friends works to promote the importance and value of the ABC and the threats which undermine its capacity to do what we all need it to do. ABC Friends members and supporters can help fight when needed to fend off these threats.

ABC Friends Victoria is a non-partisan, not for profit, volunteer and membership-based organisation.

ABC Friends has local groups across Victoria which work to raise awareness in their communities.

How can I help ABC Friends?

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ABC Friends Victoria Policies

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Our membership is open to all who support its objectives. Whether you want to be active or just want to express your support.

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The campaign is now more important than ever – please help. The louder our voice, the greater our influence.