Sky News attacks ABC Credibility (again)

The Sky News so-called documentary, Your ABC Exposed, broadcast on July 26th, delivered what it was always going to do, a thinly disguised continuation of the Murdoch media attacks on the ABC.

Despite heavy promotion and advance publicity, the program was watched by a meagre 85,000 viewers (in the same time slot the 7:30 Report had 521,000 viewers), perhaps reflecting Australians’ opinion of Sky News, Chris Kenny and the program’s validity.

Despite Murdoch’s constant attacks, recent surveys by Reuters and The Australian Institute show the ABC is still the most trusted media platform.

Your ABC Exposed was described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “heavily stacked with conservative talking heads” and headlined that the program “exposes little more than an agenda”.

SMH stated that Murdoch’s News Corp is “unique in dedicating so much time and space to trying to convince audiences that its corporate interests and their interests as taxpayers are in complete alignment”.

GetUp noted:

Your ABC Exposed is not an isolated program, it’s part of a broader campaign. It was promoted with mobile billboards. It was bolstered with articles in The Australian and online calling for the ABC to get back in its box or suffer at least partial privatisation.

Host Chris Kenny—supported by Queensland conservative MP Andrew Laming, Cardinal George Pell, fellow Australian columnist and former IPA chair Janet Albrechtsen, former Liberal communications minister Richard Alston, Liberal MP and former ABC journalist Sarah Henderson, and the ABC’s shortest-serving managing director Jonathan Shier—pursued the line that the ABC is “a staff-run collective” that sets editorial direction in flagrant breach of its own charter requirements to be independent and balanced.

Kenny used a rather selective reading of the facts to try to land some punches on Aunty, while simultaneously claiming, rather unbelievably, “I’m not one of those people who thinks the ABC should be sold off”.

All-in-all, the Sky News malignant effort fell rather flat, featuring the same old ABC haters, who repeated their generally unsubstantiated claims, watched by very few. Ho Hum.