Sky News doubles down on ABC attack

After initially making some effort to pretend that its upcoming “documentary” would be open-minded, Chris Kenny and Sky News have taken off the mask.

The reasonably objective working title for the “doco” of Ninety Years of the ABC has now morphed into the more accurate title of intent, Your ABC Exposed, as Kenny went to air to respond to a new campaign, launched by GetUp to reveal what the Murdoch one hour special is really all about—undermining and destroying the ABC!

Kenny said, “It really says it all about the ABC’s “politically neutral” stance when the radical green left activist group GetUp! is now boldly coming to its defence.”

Kenny has consistently labelled ABC supporters as “left-green Zeitgeist”, and relentlessly accused the ABC and SBS as “enemies of the people”, of the ABC’s ‘bias’, and this year described the ABC as “a green left protection racket”.

So, who will appear on this “documentary”? ABC managing director David Anderson, former ABC current affairs presenter and staff-elected ABC board director Quentin Dempster, former ABC managing director Jonathan Shier, and former ABC board member and columnist at The Australian Janet Albrechtsen.

Shier was sacked less than two years into his tumultuous reign as ABC MD. In 2001, when ABC MD, Shier called in his own barrister to delay a 4 Corners “dirty tricks” report implicating some Liberal party members. Kim Beazley, Labor leader at the time, said Shier’s interference “had jeopardised the political independence of the ABC”.

Albrechtsen is also a former Chair of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), an organisation committed to destroying the ABC. She is today an “opinion columnist” for Murdoch’s The Australian and, when writing highly critical articles about the ABC for that paper, declined to declare her IPA position.

The one-hour special will also feature interviews with key political figures including communications minister, Michelle Rowland, shadow minister for communications Sarah Henderson and former minister for communications and the arts, Richard Alston.

Alston is well remembered for his turbulent term as Communications Minister that savagely undermined the ABC. His opinion of the ABC in May 2022:

Effectively accountable to no one, it feels free to ignore its charter obligations, or the interests of its audience, ignoring valid criticism or contemptuously dismissing it.

In fact, Alston has compiled all his complaints about the ABC into a book, Their ABC (the title says it all), in which he argues, the fundamental problem is that the ABC is a protected entity, with a guaranteed income in excess of a billion dollars, while commercial media outlets struggle to stay alive.

Henderson’s incessant and dogmatic criticism of the ABC is infamous.

Former PM Kevin Rudd recently tweeted his view of what Sky News is doing,

The Murdoch monopoly, which reaped millions in public handouts from their Liberal mates over the past decade, are now launching a new effort to “expose” the ABC. How self-interested can you get? They’re determined to undermine anyone they can’t control.

Jon Faine has been succinct in his view. “I do not think it possible for Chris Kenny to present a balanced assessment of the ABC.”

The Sky News program is due to broadcast Tuesday July 26 at 8pm AEST.

Royal Commission into Murdoch?

Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission (AFMRC) have launched a phone application where you can report breaches of media codes.

As the App says:

Whether its spreading lies about climate change, or smear-campaigns on political parties, AFMRC wants to call time on the Murdochs using their News Corporation empire to push their political agenda under the guise of ‘news’

And who/what is Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission?

The app has a full explanation, “ a new organisation to supercharge the campaign taking on Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s insidious power over journalism, governments and our future.”

The site is authorised by Sally Rugg in Carlton.

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