What if everyone voted for the ABC?

There would be a change of government if everyone voted solely on the basis of what is best for the ABC.

During the election campaign ABC Friends has asked major political parties and individual candidates whether they would commit to support the ABC if elected. Whether they would support the restoration of full funding, and not politically interfere. Whether they support 5 year public funding of our national broadcaster. Whether they support the restoration of international ABC services.

The picture which emerges is that Labor, the Greens, the Animal Justice Party, and many of the independents are prepared to make all or most of these commitments. The Coalition, One Nation, the United Australia Party, and some independents are not.

One or other of the two major parties will form a government, whether by majority or in a minority, after the election next Saturday. A summary of their respective positions on commitments to the ABC is provided here:

This comparison suggests that if voters have the ABC top of mind when determining their vote, the overall result would be a change of government.

We shall see.