Independents – What if you win?

ABC Friends and ABC Alumni have approached leading independents to ask whether they will support the ABC if they are elected.

One of the features of this election campaign has been the rise of strong independent candidates in key seats. Some of them are seen to have a good chance of being elected, and might be influential in the next federal government. If elected, their views could impact on the future of the ABC.

With this in mind, ABC Alumni joined with ABC Friends in approaching the leading independents to help them understand the importance of the ABC, and seek their commitment to its support if they are elected. Requests for interviews were accompanied by an offer of briefings. A paper was prepared to enable the prospective new (or existing) independent MP to advocate for and support the ABC as soon as they take office. The briefing paper can be seen HERE.


We know that the enemies of the ABC will not go away after the election. Neither will ABC Friends or ABC Alumni. We want as many pro-ABC MPs and Senators as possible in the next government, and some of them will be pro-ABC Independents.