Want to know how MPs voted on the ABC?

At this election, ABC Friends Victoria is encouraging people to support candidates who support a strong ABC.

However, it is not always easy to find out the views of MPs and candidates on issues such as ABC funding and independence – particularly those in the major parties who are required to only provide information from their central party policy platform.

Local groups are interviewing candidates or seeking their views through email questionnaires so that they can at least discuss what they have been able to find out with people they meet through ABC Friends stalls and when handing out information at railway stations.

Another way to find out how sitting MPs and Senators have acted in Parliament when considering legislation affecting the ABC is through the website They vote for you – https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/about

They Vote For You was built by the OpenAustralia Foundation, an independent, non-partisan not-for-profit, based on a similar UK website.

The website is an Open Source project which means that anyone can help to maintain and improve the website. Like Wikipedia and other such websites, this means the information does have limitations, but the administrators provide a clear warning if information is still being prepared or verified.

So, if you are interested, in a quick guide to who has voted, for example, for or against legislation to decrease ABC and SBS funding, you can click through to this page https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/policies/56 and see a pictorial representation of MPs and Senators along with relevant legislation.

Putting ABC into the search engine will provide you with a range of ABC-related legislation and how these were voted on.

You can then make up your own minds about who is committed to an independent, strong national broadcaster.