Concentrate on the candidates

We can let the pundits and pollsters muse about who will win the federal election and how the government will be formed. For our part, we just need to concentrate on the candidates.

We want every candidate to be aware that the electorate is concerned about the future of the ABC. That’s the best way to maximise the chances of a pro-ABC government.

We have added all the Victorian candidates with email addresses to our mailing list, so they will receive this and subsequent newsletters. We want every candidate to respond to our request for six commitments to the future of the ABC:

  • Guarantee that ABC services will remain independent of government, free-to-air and free-to-access, and publicly funded from consolidated revenue.
  • Improve funding certainty and the ABC’s ability to plan ahead, by introducing five-year funding agreements, indexed annually to compensate for inflation.
  • To enable the ABC to fulfil its charter obligations, including the provision of comprehensive rural and regional services, progressively restore the ABC’s operational budget to the level of funding it received before the budget cuts imposed in 2014.
  • Insist that all ABC Board appointments are advertised widely and made from a short-list selected on merit by an independent non-partisan nominations panel, as laid down in the ABC Act.
  • Restore and enhance funding for ABC International, so that it can fully resume its vital role as Australia’s trusted voice in the Asia-Pacific.
  • Ensure that quality ABC radio and television broadcasts can be received throughout rural and regional Australia.

We are also urging our supporters to attend all Candidates Forums in their electorate, hand out flyers, and ask questions about candidates’ support for the ABC. Our supporters are attempting to visit candidates in marginal seats to ensure that they get the message.

We want to inform voters of the respective candidates’ positions on the ABC. And we want candidates to know that they need to defend and support the ABC if they are elected, no matter which party (or independent).

We want the election result to maximise the number of MPs who are pro-ABC, seat by seat, candidate by candidate.

Please see Sophie Arnold’s latest election campaign report in this newsletter, and please help our campaign if you can. The resources we offer for the campaign can be found HERE – just let the office know what you can use, and we will do our best to get it to you promptly.