Labor — ABC Policy Discussed in Webinar

The ALP’s policies and plans for the ABC are the subjects of an online webinar in February.

Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland is due to take part in the conversation with Sally Sitou, the ALP’s candidate for the Sydney electorate of Reid, on Thursday the third of February at 6 pm.


According to publicity for the event:

For 90 years, the ABC has been with us as the nation’s trusted source of news, entertainment and information. 

More than just a broadcaster – the ABC is a lifeline for all Australians, during bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yet Scott Morrison’s Government cuts and attacks the public broadcaster at every turn, with the Liberal Federal Council even voting to privatise the ABC.

That’s why Labor has committed to reversing Scott Morrison’s funding cuts and guaranteed five year funding terms for the ABC: To end the attacks and uncertainty under the Coalition Government.

At the last election, Labor promised to reverse some of the more recent cuts to the ABC, but has not yet made a commitment to returning full funding to pre-Abbott-government levels, or to restore the ABC’s overseas broadcasting services.

Stay tuned for more policy updates! We’ll be highlighting all party policies regarding the ABC in the run-up to the election as they become available.