If not now, when?

The next federal election is crucial for the future of the ABC and your help is crucial for us to influence the result of the election.

We need money and we need your time.

Right now, we need money. Donations to our campaign are a key way for us to reach the undecided voters in marginal seats.

The results in the six seats we are targeting – Casey, Corangamite, Chisholm, Deakin, Dunkley, Higgins – will help to determine the election result.

In each of these seats there are many people who love the ABC but haven’t decided who to vote for.  We need to reach them – with ads, leaflets, banners, posters, social media – to help them ensure that their votes help the ABC.

Ads, in particular, are expensive. We want to have mobile and stationary ads, starting next month, in each of these 6 electorates.

The more ads we can afford, the more people we can reach. Please donate here to help us maximise our reach.

We will also need your time.

We will be setting up campaign teams in each of the 6 electorates (and others).There will be letter writing, door knocking, letterbox drops, handing out leaflets, minding stalls, envelope stuffing, and acting as ambassadors for the campaign (and ABC Friends). Whether or not you live in one of the 6 electorates, we need your “person power.”

We want every candidate to commit to 4 things for the future of the ABC:

  1. Restoration of full funding so that the ABC can meet future needs
  2. A Board of Management free from political appointments and interference
  3. Five-year funding which keeps future budget decisions outside election cycles
  4. Guaranteed Victorian regional and rural news and information services

Voters will be encouraged to Vote for your ABC, using key messages around:

  • the high level of trust and value Australians hold for the ABC
  • the need to ensure that it is sufficiently funded to ensure it can deliver what is needed
  • the importance of the ABC across all ages and life stages, and
  • the vital need for the ABC to be able to report freely.

To coordinate the election campaign, we will set up a campaign section of our website in early February, and our e-newsletter will have regular updates and specific invitations to participate.

For now, please think about whether and how you will be able to help in the Feb-May period and let the office know of your interest.

If you want to help ABC Friends, now is the time!

Michael Henry
President, ABC Friends Victoria