Our Federal Election Campaign Strategy

ABC Friends Victoria is campaigning to encourage voters to use their vote to ensure the ABC is properly funded by the next Federal Government.

Our campaign will encourage voters to be aware of where their local candidates and the major parties stand on four key pillars:

  • Restoration of full funding so that the ABC can meet future needs
  • A Board of Management free from political appointments and interference
  • Five-year funding which keeps future budget decisions outside election cycles
  • Guaranteed Victorian regional and rural news and information services

Voters will then be encouraged through all ABCFV campaign materials to Vote for your ABC

Marginal Seat focus

Our campaign will focus resources on six marginal seats:

Where will you see our campaign?

The ABCFV campaign will be run through three major vehicles:

  • Prominent Billboards and shopping centre digital ads in the six targeted seats
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Local Group activities

ABC – valued, trusted and underfunded

ABCFV’s campaign materials will draw attention to the:

  • importance of the ABC for people of all ages and locations
  • vital need for secure funding
  • value so many people place on the ABC as our national broadcaster

It will also allow a focus on the issues which will dominate the election campaign:

  • government integrity
  • climate action
  • treatment of women

 Social Media

ABCFV will be regularly sharing information and calls to action across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Targeted social media advertising will be used to get information out beyond established networks.

ABCFV members and supporters will also be kept up to date through fortnightly e-news updates – sign here to join our mailing list.