Ammunition — Prepare to Counter the Critics

We are now in an election year, so all Friends of the ABC need to arm themselves with facts so as to immediately rebut any anti-ABC propaganda they may encounter.

So the ABC Alumni organisation has put together a brilliant fact sheet of “talking points” to help defend the institution.

The ABC Alumni was formed in recent years so that former staff can join the fight to keep the ABC afloat.

It counts some of Australia’s highest-profile broadcasters and journalists among its members and is already cooperating with ABC Friends.

We encourage you to read these talking points (below) and commit them to memory so that you will be in a position to advocate for the ABC at any time and in any place.

Or even better: print some copies and hand them around!

Multiple hard copies can also be obtained by phoning the ABC Friends Victoria office on 1300 108 126.

Download (or print) here

ABC ALUMNI Facts & Talking Points_December 2021