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Senators – Votes For and Against The ABC

Friends with keen memories may be aware that, in 2018, the Liberal Party’s Federal Council voted to privatise the ABC, but did you know that there are Senators in Parliament who have also voted for an ABC sell-off?

On the 19th of June in the same year, Senator Cori Bernadi introduced a motion to the Senate regarding ABC privatisation. 

It was a motion only defeated by a small majority of the Senate.

So we’re calling on all Friends of the ABC to contact the senators outlined below to register your support for our precious public broadcaster with them. 

At the same time, we thought we would celebrate the contributions of Senators who have voted in support of the ABC.

Below are two lists: the first, is of anti-ABC Senators we would like you to contact, and the second list is of Senators who we all should support.

These lists will be expanded as more information becomes available.


Senator Jane Hume
Liberal Party Senator for Victoria since July 2016
Electorate Office:223 Bridge Road Richmond, VIC, 3121
Postal address:PO Box 224 Richmond, VIC, 3121
Telephone: (03) 9428 1773
Parliament Office Telephone: (02) 6277 7320

Senator Brigit McKenzie
National Party Senator for Victoria since July 2011
Electorate Office: 172 High Street Wodonga VIC 3690
Telephone: (02) 6024 2560 / (02) 6024 2635 / (02) 6277 7660

Senator James Paterson

Liberal Party Senator for Victoria since March 2016
Electorate Office: Ground floor, 63 York Street South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
Telephone: (03) 9690 2201 / (02) 6277 3719


Senator Kim Carr
Australian Labor Party Senator for Victoria since April 1993
Electorate Office: 62 Lygon Street Carlton South, VIC, 3053
Telephone: (03) 9639 2798(02) 6277 3776

Senator Kimberly Kitching
Australian Labor Party Senator for Victoria since October 2016
Electorate Office: 6 English Street Essendon Fields, VIC, 3041
Telephone: (03) 9374 1640(02) 6277 3294

Senator Janet Rice
Australian Greens Senator for Victoria since July 2014
Electorate Office: Shops 2-3, 26 Lygon Street Brunswick East, VIC, 3057
Telephone: (03) 9381 1446(02) 6277 3225