Award – First Life Member Named

ABC Friends Victoria is pleased to announce its inaugural “Life Membership” award.

Michael Kinnane, who is retiring from the ABC Friends Geelong group after decades of dedicated service, is announced as the first recipient of the ABC Friends Victoria “Life Membership” award.

Michael’s award was announced at the ABC Friends Victoria Annual General Meeting.

(Michael – left – with former ABC Radio host Jon Faine)

He has been presented with an an engraved plaque to commemorate the event, as well as being granted the lifetime membership honour.

ABC Friends’ Marcus May said:

Michael has been one of the great strengths in ABC Friends Victoria over several decades, in holding key positions on the Victorian Committee and as a driving force behind the strong Geelong local group. Without his energy and organisational abilities, his ability to motivate and his command of the issues at stake, there might not have been a Geelong Group. Being relatively new to ABC Friends in 2018, I heard about Michael from others before meeting him, and his wonderful right hand secretary Hilary (a tower of strength herself), personally some 3 years ago. All the plaudits I had heard proved to be understatements, and what a team Michael and Hilary have been over recent years. As Michael now takes a well-deserved, more relaxed role in ABC Friends, he can be proud that his succession plan leaves the Geelong committee in good hands. Many thanks to you Michael for all these years of service, and for your continued participation and guidance off-committee.

The Committee of Management recently moved a motion to formalise such awards.

It is given for “exemplary service to ABC Friends over an extended period of time.”

Potential recipients can be nominated by the state committee or local group convenors, and will be decided at the discretion of the committee by majority vote.

It’s envisaged that such nominations will be rare.