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Legacy – New Endowment Fund to Defend the ABC

ABC Friends Victoria has launched a new endowment fund to help supporters leave a legacy to defend Our ABC.

As the ABC itself doesn’t accept donations, it is the next best way to make an ongoing contribution.

The ABC Friends Endowment Fund has been designed to support and enhance the long-term goals and activities of ABC Friends.


The Fund is now open, and accepts donations and bequests, of any size, from any individual or organisation, on the understanding that donations are not tax-deductible.

The ABC Friends (Vic) Committee of Management, as the governing body of the ABC Friends (Vic) organisation, is responsible for all aspects of the administration of the fund.

The Endowment Fund webpage includes detailed instructions on how to become a donor or to make a bequest to the fund, with contributions of any size gratefully accepted and deployed under strict ABC Friends Victoria Committee of Management oversight.

In a letter being sent to ABC Friends Victoria members, our president, Dr. Michael Henry makes this appeal:

The opposition to public broadcasting and the ABC is strong and is growing louder. The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and News Ltd are campaigning heavily and openly to privatise the ABC. Significant leaders and MPs in the current Federal Government are determined to cut the budget and reduce the independence of the ABC. These people are not going to go away. They are in for the long haul, and we need to be as well. Further, a change of government will not guarantee sustainability of the ABC.

ABC Friends does its best to raise awareness and campaign in support of the ABC. We do not have tax deductibility status (unlike the IPA) and our income is derived from memberships and donations. We live year-to-year, but our task is ongoing and we will be needed for as long as the ABC (and its opponents) exist. We are in for a long term persistent campaign, and we need to plan accordingly. We need to create the confidence and capacity to plan well beyond the immediate future, and indeed beyond our own lifetimes.

If you would like to leave your own legacy to the ABC beyond your own lifetime, please consider contributing to the fund and bolster Australian democracy into the future.