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Video – The ABC and the Federal Election

ABC Friends NSW & ACT recently held an excellent webinar about the ABC and how it is placed ahead of the next federal vote.

ABC News and Current Affairs stalwart Quentin Dempster talked about the challenges facing the ABC while former NSW Fire Commissioner Greg Mullins discussed the ABC and the Black Summer Fires.

They were joined by ABC Friends NSW & ACT president Cassandra Parkinson, and the webinar host, Ed Davis, President of the NSW Eastern Suburbs branch.

M. Dempster was highly complimentary of the efforts of the ABC Chairperson, Ita Buttrose.

He said:

Ita Buttrose, who Scomo put in as the chairman (sic) of the ABC — a lot of people thought “Oh Ita will be a patsy” well she hasn’t been a patsy, I’m pleased to report she has stood up for the organisation.

Certainty of ABC funding is emerging as a political issue for the survival of the ABC



And Ita Buttrose will be the keynote speaker at this year’s ABC Friends Victoria Annual General Meeting, which is taking place online on Wednesday the 24th of November from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.