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Battle Lines – Jonathan Holmes and ABC Friends on the Offensive

Former ABC journalist and Media Watch presenter Jonathan Hilmes has joined forces with ABC Friends to produce a new video eviscerating the anti-ABC Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).

The IPA is a reactionary right-wing “think tank” set up by a group of rich donors so as to undermine any notion of a fair social democracy in Australia.

And the IPA counts the ABC as its enemy, lobbying governments to either privatise the national public broadcaster or to abolish it altogether.

The video is the first of what we hope will be many collaborations between ABC Friends (which provided some financial backing to the production) and the ABC Alumni, which is a group of former ABC employees who want to fight to help preserve their former employer.

Johnathan Holmes, who is the current ABC Alumni Chair, was the perfect choice to front the video, thanks to his long-held reputation for factual reporting.

He correctly describes the IPA’s so-called research (which brands the ABC us biased) as “ludicrous” and “shonky.”

The ABC Alumni recently voted, in a national meeting, to join the political fight to preserve our precious public broadcaster — a move warmly welcomed by ABC Friends.