Complaints – Remember We’re Not the ABC

The ABC Friends Victoria office in Flinders Lane often receives correspondence from members and supporters with questions about the national broadcaster.

Sometimes they confuse ABC Friends with the ABC itself and send us complaints about the ABC, its programmes and news coverage.

While we are certainly friends of the ABC, we are not in a position to be able to handle complaints about it which should be directed to the ABC’s headquarters.


One frequent gripe, in particular, is how the ABC has become very “Sydney-centric.”

While we may agree with that complaint, ABC Friends would prefer members make their disenchantment on this issue known to the ABC itself, so that the broadcaster can get a full picture of the audience’s views.

As the Victorian state branch of the ABC Friends movement, Sydney-centrism is certainly an issue we take up, but it is far more powerful for members to make their disquiet known to the broadcaster, rather than sending messages to us.

Feel free, however, to copy, or “cc” us into your complaints to the ABC (the email address is so that we can keep a track of your feelings about potential problems with our precious national public broadcaster.