Reaching Out — Ramping up Social & Youth Campaigns

In an effort to expand and diversify our support base, ABC Friends Victoria is undertaking new social media and youth initiatives.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Social Media Manager, who will execute a newly-drafted plan to increase our following. 

Sophie Arnold has been engaged to grow our support and blast our messaging onto Facebook and other social media channels.

(Sophie Arnold)

And our Youth Engagement and Communications Coordinator, Aynsley Mitchell, continues her efforts on Instagram and other youth-oriented channels to increase ABC Friends Victoria’s following with younger audiences.

Our youth engagement competition, focusing on students of journalism, media relations and graphic design, extended its deadline due to the number of submissions received, and the adjudication of the essay entries is underway.

Winners will be awarded free career mentoring from industry leaders including former ABC National Political Editor Jim Middleton. 

It is anticipated that winners will be announced soon, and we will publish the winning submissions.