News Director – Gaven Morris Calls It a Day

Though rumours abound of a move to the BBC, the ABC Director of News, Investigations and Analysis, Gaven Morris, is very publicly saying that he has no intention of moving out of a frying-pan and into a fire.

BBC News is, after all, suffering just as much government pressure as the Australian national broadcaster has experienced during Morris’ term as news boss.

A long-term ABC News employee, who spent stints working abroad as a producer for broadcasters like Al Jazeera, Morris is reported to be expressing no desire to manage any more $200m budgets.


As a senior ABC producer, he is widely credited for establishing ABC News 24 and driving the ABC online offering to the position of being the most popular in Australia.

But he has also been acutely involved with recent clashes with the government and others over some investigations that were proved to be wanting.

In juggling the News Division’s contributions to government budget cuts, he also oversaw the demise of important programmes like Lateline, the 7:45 am radio news bulletin, and the slashing of Radio Current Affairs output.

At least six “front-runners” are being named as replacements, including several solid internal candidates with strong track records as managers within the division.

It is certainly one of the most important positions within the ABC, and has a great weight of responsibilities. 

However there are fears that an external candidate drawn from the commercial sector might be brought in as a political measure. 

The ABC has not issued a statement about the resignation.