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Election – Vic Marginal Seats Campaign Kicks Off

ABC Friends Victoria has identified four marginal seats to focus on ahead of the next Federal Election.

It has been decided that concentrating our campaigning efforts in Corangamite, Chisholm, Dunkley, and Higgins will be our best hope of efficiently and effectively preserving our public broadcaster.

Corangamite, which is situated south and west of Geelong, is held by Labor’s Libby Coker by a 1% margin after she defeated the Liberals’ (now Senator) Sarah Henderson.

The Liberal-held seat of Chisholm — a long electorate stretching from Box Hill to Oakleigh and dissected by the Burwood Highway — is sitting on a 0.5% knife-edge. Gladys Liu is the sitting member.

Dunkley, which is situated on the Mornington Peninsula around Frankston, is held by Labor’s Peta Murphy on a 2.7% margin.

And Higgins in Melbourne’s inner east is Victoria’s second most marginal Liberal-held seat, with Katie Allen holding it with a margin of 3.7% A loss in Higgins would be a major blow for the Liberals, who have always held the seat thanks to luminaries like Harold Holt, John Gorton, and Peter Costello.


So as to best bring home the message that the ABC is crucial and should no longer be deliberately undermined, ABC Friends Victoria is conducting a series of public advertising campaigns.

A web-based advertising campaign, targeted at these electorates, has already begun. 

We have also decided to place big advertisements around shopping centres and on the sides and backs of busses traveling through the seats.

ABC Bus Ad