Complaints – Cop This! 

ABC Friends Victoria recently received an altogether charming and unique piece of correspondence from a member who was frustrated with her ability to evoke a written response from the ABC after a number of complaints.

Many ABC Friends have expressed disquiet in recent times because budget cuts have resulted in fewer staff at the ABC being available to respond to audience comments and requests.

But if you are as open-hearted as Patricia Bish, perhaps you can take your frustrations out by composing some prose.

Firstly, we received this message after sending an email to Patricia, reminding her that her membership of ABC Friends was due for renewal:

Dear ABC
An Explanatory Rhyme

I know that times are busy
For those at ABC
And pandemic policies
Have ramped up the urgency
Of getting programmes out
Which tread on balanced planks
Between public information
And counterproductive cranks

I messaged Norman Swan
Hoping for some advice
Was told I’d get an answer
I emailed twice, then thrice
My messages were courteous
He could have said “I must confess
I don’t agree with your perspective.
Yours sincerely Norman S.”

I then tried Ms Karvelas
But answer came there none
I must be on the black list
In National radio’s home
I’m not a conspiracy theorist –
Just searching for the facts
And it’s very disconcerting
When no one answers back

In a last-ditch effort
I wrote to Ita’s ABC
It was a polite message
That I’d thought of seriously
The silence was quite deafening
I feel like a pariah
So, to be a Friend of ABC
I feel no more desire

Next year I will be eighty
I would have wished to see
An ABC which would respond
Even if they don’t agree
Yet after all that silence
Don’t you find it funny
That the Friends have sent two emails
Asking me for money!

We responded to Patricia, asking her if we could please print her poem.

She gave permission, and sent the following reply:

Thank you, dear [ABC Friends]
For your heartening reply
Your request to print my poem
I simply can’t deny
Tho’ I feel a little nervous
About granting your request
It wasn’t my intention
To stir up a hornet’s nest
However, your response
Inclines me to be bold
And to seriously reconsider
Coming back into the ‘Fold’
So, yes, please feel quite welcome
To print my little ditty
Let’s hope and pray it will
Put more money in the kitty
In these times so problematic
I’m sure that you’d agree
We must fight with pen unfettered
To defend democracy