The Australian trumpets dodgy research

The so-called journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s “The Australian” seem more than willing to stretch the truth (or worse) when it comes to attacking the ABC.

But a recent report, featuring a survey conducted by the Menzies Research Centre, was one of the most flagrant examples of invention seen yet.

The Menzies Research Centre is an infamous right-of-centre institute, set up to help try to reinforce the ideology of its funders.

The report, which was published on March 14, was headlined “Most Swipe Left on Dear Aunty.”

It said:

“The majority of Australians believe that ABC television is not worth paying a single cent for.

According to an independent study conducted by True North Strategy, more than half (52.6 per cent) of those interviewed said if then had a choice, they wouldn’t be prepared to pay anything for access to the national broadcasts television content in it current form, while the other respondents said they would only be willing to pay (on average) $2.94 per month.

“The study, commissioned by public policy think tank the Menzies Research Centre, also found that most Australians perceive that the abc has an inherent political bias.”

Many observers were quick to criticise the dubious claims, which are contrary to the findings of many independent university studies.

“The Bug Online” website penned a particularly good takedown.

The report said:

“…we think News Corp Australia itself might just have damaged its own case when it comes to its long-running campaign to destroy the ABC or have one of its compliant conservative federal governments flog it off to the highest bidder such as News Corp Australia.


The unlikely claims of the Menzies Centre study contrast markedly with a survey conducted on behalf of ABC Friends Victoria by the respected and independent Roy Morgan research company.

This, far more believable, study concluded that more than three-quarters of Australians want to see either ABC funding maintained or increased.