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What Would We Do Without Four Corners?

Last November’s Four Corners episode “Inside the Canberra Bubble” had a profound impact on the government, with its initial allegations against Attorney-General Christian Porter and the wider anti-woman culture in Parliament. It was followed by “Bursting the Canberra Bubble” this month. 

The report seems to have had a broader impact on the national (and Canberra) culture.

If you missed it, watch the “Inside the Canberra Bubble” here:

Subsequent to its airing, other allegations emerged, including the alleged rape of Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins in the Defence Minister’s office. 

Four Corners followed-up this month with another programme devoted to the Christian Porter saga called: “Bursting the Canberra Bubble.”

ABC Friends Victoria congratulates the extraordinary work of the 4 Corners team.

At a time when the ABC is coming under increased scrutiny by the Coalition government, it is extremely encouraging that its journalists have not dropped the ball, and continue to bravely expose wrongdoing of any type. 

Meanwhile, the ABC also broadcast the powerful speech given by Australian of the Year Grace Tame to the National Press Club.

Watch it now: