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ABC Friends Vic Youth Engagement Project

A new research paper, commissioned by ABC Friends Victoria’s state committee, has set new objectives for the organisation as it continues in its quest to attract younger members.

The project was undertaken by two La Trobe University social work students over 14 weeks from August to December 2020.

The “ABC Friends Victoria Youth Engagement Project” had a primary aim to explore the views, understandings, and attitudes of Victorian youth (16-34 years) in relation to the ABC. The views of Victorian families with children aged 0-11 years were also explored.

This project was undertaken to assist the organisation in finding the best ways to engage with young people and families in order to preserve and save the ABC. The report details both survey and focus group data and highlights key findings from these specific demographics and how these findings can be implemented in practice.

The overall findings of the project indicate that Victorian youth and families do recognise the value that the ABC provides to the Australian community. It further highlights that a large portion of these demographics are not aware of who funds the ABC nor are they aware of the threat the ABC is facing. The researchers recommend that education is the first step to engaging with these demographics.

The findings further emphasise the impact that social media has on young people and families and its prevalence in the day-to-day lives of Victorians. Our results show that for this sample social media was the preferred way of engaging in social action, via click activism.  The use of social media has allowed this younger demographic a new way to participate and engage in social issues/action.

Please read the report if you’re interested in learning more about young people’s attitudes towards the ABC.

Read the report