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Media Diversity Inquiry Overwhelmed

The Parliamentary officers managing the Senate’s crucial inquiry into media diversity say they have been overwhelmed with submissions.


The team, which has to read all submissions to scan for any problems before they are published, has been struggling with the workload, so the majority of contributions is still unpublished.


Both the ABC Friends National Committee and ABC Friends Victoria member and former The Age Managing Director Ranald Macdonald have made submissions to the inquiry, but neither has yet been made public on the inquiry website.

When they are available, both will be published, in full, on this page — so please visit again from time to time to check for updates.

The inquiry, which is due to report by the 31st of March, has the following terms of reference: 

The state of media diversity, independence and reliability in Australia and the impact that this has on public interest journalism and democracy, including:

– the current state of public interest journalism in Australia and any barriers to Australian votersability to access reliable, accurate and independent news;

  • the effect of media concentration on democracy in Australia;

  • the impact of Australias media ownership laws on media concentration in Australia;

  • the impact of significant changes to media business models since the advent of online news and the barriers to viability and profitability of public interest news services;

  • the impact of online global platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter on the media industry and sharing of news in Australia;

  • the barriers faced by small, independent and community news outlets in Australia;

  • the role that a newswire service plays in supporting diverse public interest journalism in Australia;

  • the state of local, regional and rural media outlets in Australia;

  • the role of government in supporting a viable and diverse public interest journalism sector in Australia; and any other related matters.

Some submissions, including key ones from the ABC, the ABC Alumni and the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA) have already been published.

They are included below for your convenience.

Sub 26
Sub 14
Sub 3