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New map shows ABC more important than ever

A new mapping project being conducted by the Public Interest Journalism Initiative (PIJI) starkly illustrates how important the ABC has now become – particularly in rural and regional Victoria and Australia.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 4.45.49 pm

The PIJI has launched a project which documents changes in news availability around Australia, from media companies to mastheads, newsrooms, and TV and radio stations.

Calling the new study “extremely important,” The President of ABC Friends Victoria, Peter Monie, said it was crucial for all Australians to understand the extent to which the Australian media was rapidly shrinking.

“This mapping study illustrates how the ABC is actually growing in importance, even though the government continues to undermine it,” Peter Monie said.


“Looking at Victoria alone, you can easily see how many mastheads have gone, how many newsrooms have closed, and how many television and radio news services have been shut down.”

“Hopefully it will help convince the Federal Government that, to provide all Australians with adequate news services, it needs to stop its cuts to the ABC and restore full funding.”

The PIJI’s Australian Newsroom Mapping Project will continue to expand, with plans to include other closures that have happened in recent times.