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We are asking for financial help so we can promote the truth

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) released a new “poll” last month purporting to show that one third of people say that the ABC is out of touch with “ordinary” Aussies. The IPA, as you may know, in February resumed its calls to privatise the ABC!

Paul Barry's scathing response to the IPA

Paul Barry’s scathing response to the IPA on Media Watch
(Broadcast: Mon 2 Mar 2020)


This so-called research contained just one very leading question: “The ABC does not represent the views of ordinary Australians” — to which respondents were asked to agree or disagree.

Professor Murray Goot of Macquarie University, who is a leading expert on polling, said “the question the IPA has chosen to ask isn’t balanced.” In other words the research isn’t legitimate and the results are therefore highly questionable. We need to counter this flawed and deceiving poll now and we have engaged the highly regarded Roy Morgan research organisation to undertake a valid poll of Australian opinion about the ABC.

Such a poll will cost money of course — more than $15,000. Will you help us combat these IPA inaccuracies with soundly-based research?

We do understand that many people won’t be in a position to help at this difficult time but, if you can, please help fund this independent research.

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