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The ABC shines again – vital truth-telling

Australia is gripped by the COVID-19 crisis and ABC health broadcaster Dr Norman Swan is stepping up to lead coverage and give warnings and advice.

Just as the ABC saved many lives during this summer’s massive bushfires by providing around-the-clock emergency services, Dr Swan and his colleagues are providing similarly valuable service for the current pandemic.

Nevertheless the government continues its cuts to ABC funding even though the crises are putting increased pressure on tight programme budgets.

Dr Swan’s contribution was recognised during QandA this week when he was nominated by panelist Sam Mostyn to be used by the government as its Public Information Officer — given that he is filling a void that appears to be left by the government.

As well as his tireless work on ABC Radio and Television Norman Swan is also producing an extremely popular daily podcast called Coronacast. Every day he and his team collate all of the most important information and provide it to the nation through this podcast.


In spite of the ABC’s extraordinary response to these national disasters the Coalition Government continues to undermine it through underfunding and silly off-the-cuff cost-saving suggestions.

We have set up a web page where you can contact the Treasurer easily and send him a letter expressing your concerns.