All Liberal Party voters must rally to save the ABC being sold to the private sector, after the Federal Liberal Party voted 2:1 to sell off the National broadcaster today.

ABC Friends National is calling for all Liberal Party voters to reject any sell-off of the ABC as being  both anti Australian and anti democratic.

“Australian Public broadcasting has an eighty-year history, and is supported by more than 80% of the community,” said ABC Friends National President, Margaret Reynolds.

“It is not a plaything of the extremists who have dismissed  public opinion in pursuit of their preoccupation with private profits.”

“ABC Friends National has for some time been warning of threats to the  ABC and now the proof is there in a resolution of the Liberal Party’s governing body this weekend,” she said.

“Only a revolt by many loyal Liberal Party members and supporters can now protect the ABC from  the ideological assault of the right wing of this party.”

“It is also essential the the Coalition partner, the National Party speak up for regional public broadcasting which would cease to exist under a privatised model.”

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has been forced to pour cold water on the resolution, but the two third’s vote clearly reflects the Liberal Party’s priorities.

In coming weeks and in the lead up to the Super Saturday by elections and the next Federal Election, all Liberal and National Party members and candidates will be asked to make a public commitment to protect the ABC from privatisation.

Margaret Reynolds said she was confident that all true Liberals would defend the ABC as leading parliamentarians have done for many years.

She said judging from personal correspondence she has been receiving in recent months many traditional Liberal voters are alarmed at the attacks on the ABC and would join the fight to protect it .

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should immediately take control by pledging unequivocal support for Australian public broadcasting,” she said.

The Friends of the ABC are holding rallies all round Australia next month to protest the continual cutting of ABC funding, the harassment of a publicly trusted institution (which is by statute politically independent) AND this latest Liberal Party move to promote the selling off of the ABC”

Margaret Reynolds