• Foreign content every evening on ABC News Radio
  • Reporter sackings in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth
  • Four Corners, Australian Story & Foreign Correspondent Coverage Threatened
The ABC will terminate four positions in its National Reporting Team, according to an article by Crikey’s Media Editor, Myriam Robin, today.
The report says the ABC’s News Radio network will also only run foreign BBC content from 6pm, and that four episodes per year of Four Corners, Australian Story and Foreign Correspondent are under threat.
The Federal Budget saw a total of $48m in budget cuts to the ABC.
The ABC says about 30 jobs will be impacted upon, and that documentary efforts like The Killing Season would not be repeated.
“The true extent of the government’s latest savage cuts to the ABC are being revealed,” said ABC Friends National spokesman Ranald Macdonald.
“This really is a death by a thousand cuts,” he said.
“Make no mistake about it, the ABC is under threat.”
“What will be next: commercialisation?” He said.
“We’ll soon be releasing the list of marginal seats we’ll be targeting this election, asking the electorate to vote only for candidates who support the restoration of ABC funding.”
“We now have a large campaign team working from sites in both Melbourne and Sydney, and will be sending our thousands of volunteers onto the streets.”
For further comment please contact: Ranald Macdonald 0424 545 516 and/or Margaret Reynolds 0418 181 843